Water leaks are most often revealed by unusually high water bills, lack of water pressure, failed drain fields, or other septic problems. Your water leak could be as minor as a running toilet or could be more serious, like a leak under the slab, or foundation of your home or business. If you suspect you have a water leak, call Melex underground leak detection in Spokane. We will locate the problem using state-of-the-art leak detection equipment. Once we find the source of your water leak, Melex Detection can make recommendations so you can stop spending excess money on utilities and stop further property damage.

Early detection and repair of water leaks is essential to saving on costly property repairs, especially when dealing with an underground slab leak. Foundation leaks can cause erosion, leading to additional stress and damage to the building structure.


Sewer leaks can cause slow drainage in your property, erosion, and a sulfuric or rotten egg smell. Melex Detection offers the newest testing technology to find the origin of the problem in your sewer lines. Root invasion, rocks, and soil movement cause stress on the drain line and could lead to breakage and separation. If you suspect a sewer line leak in your home, commercial building, or municipality, call Melex underground leak detection in Spokane to assess and repair your property.

Sewer Odor

The integrity of your sewer system is crucial! Melex sewer leak detection will find and inspect the compromised area.


Melex Detection specializes in locating septic systems as well as detecting structural damage and septic repair. Melex leak detection in Spokane County provides fast, dependable, and affordable septic system services for Spokane and surrounding counties. Melex Detection specializes in residential and commercial septic services, 24hr emergency septic services, and septic system repairs.

Offering a wide range of commercial, municipal, and residential septic services, Melex Detection locates, repairs, replace septic pumps, cleans, and services of all types of septic systems. Melex Detection also offers backhoe service, and lift station installation, all with a Certified Installer at a moment’s notice.



    “You are my proof that there are angels among us. Thank you Melex Detection for your kindness. You will always be remembered in our family.

    Patty S.

    ” Thanks, Sean. And it has been a pleasure working with you, for sure. And, thanks for your amazing patience.”

    Larry & Connie

    I want to thank Sean Moore for his quick response in locating a leak in our water system affecting about 20 patrons. We were leaking about 50k gallons per day. The water did not surface at all. Within 2 hours, Sean pinpointed the leak, and we had it repaired the same afternoon. I highly recommend Melex Detection.

    Thank you, Sean.

    Mike Waterhouse
    Manager Kootenai County Water District #1.

    Sean, thank you very much for the great service you provided to the Port of Moses Lake. I appreciate you accommodating the schedules of our tenants and giving up your “off” time to do so, not to mention the inclement weather! I’m happy to recommend your services and should we need leak detection in the future, we will not hesitate to contact you.

    Carol Gibson
    Director of Real Estate