About Us


With over 30 years of experience in the leak detection, pump, and electrical industry, we have discovered areas where logistics and time-saving measures can be integrated to lower costs that equal savings reflected in the services we give to our clients.

Choosing to use Melex Leak Detection in Spokane Washington ensures quality service as the owner/operator is on size for every job. We also remove many of the major scheduling hassles associated with hiring a quality Spokane area leak detection Company.


While previously operating an Excavation Company, we gained respect for the work we did in the community and found a need for skilled leak detectors in Spokane County and all surrounding areas. We started Melex Detection in Spokane, WA to expand and match the experience we acquired. Melex Leak Detection is now one of Washington’s premier leak detection companies that specializes in leak detection.


Idaho Public Works
State of Idaho License
WC-C-16882-C-4 2007

Idaho Electrical Contractor
Idaho Division of Building Safety
License ELE-C-23556 1999

Idaho Water Pump Plumbing Specialty Contractor
Idaho Division of Building Safety
License PLB-WSC-548 2004

Idaho Electrical Journeyman
Idaho Division of Building Safety
License ELE-J-20017 1997

Idaho Water Pump Plumbing Journeyman
Division of Building Safety
License PLB-WSJ-383 2000

Idaho Appliance Plumbing Journeyman
Idaho Division of Building Safety
License PLB-ASJ-264 2000

Complex Septic Installer
Idaho Panhandle Health District
License 15-107456 2004

Washington Electrical Journeyman
Washington Department of Labor and Industry
License MOORES*024CP 1999

North Dakota Electrical Journeyman
North Dakota State Electrical Board
License 7977 2013

Hazardous Materials Operating
Engineers Local Union No.3 1993